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Study: This company pays the highest median salary in Arizona

You don't need to be the CEO to make the big bucks at one Arizona company.

Tucson-based Accelerate Diagnostics Inc. (Nasdaq: AXDX) - which provides solutions for the diagnosis of serious infections - pays its 239 employees a median salary of $164,738, according to a new analysis from Money magazine. That's the highest median salary in Arizona.

Money analyzed data from labor group AFL-CIO to find the best-paying companies headquartered in each state. Much of the data comes from Securities and Exchange Commission filings public companies are now required to make that include information on pay. The new requirements are designed to help investors gauge CEO pay and see which companies are most generous to rank-and-file workers, according to Money.

While Accelerate Diagnostics' median salary is impressive, it's about middle of the road when compared to other states' top employers. For instance, New Jersey-based energy firm NRG Yield doles out a median salary of $964,000 annually to its employees.

All of the highest-paying businesses are in the energy, real estate, health, financial or tech fields.

Tim Gallen, Digital Editor, Phoenix Business Journal, covers health, biotech and education.